Daily Tarot for December 11, 2013

We have another deeply moving message today.

We begin first with the Three of Vessels, the key word for this card is Joy.


This card is often about community celebrations, and family relationships, and sometimes family reunions. In the Wildwood Tarot, it is represented by three Cranes, which as a totem also indicated social activities and creative support in group situations.

The next card is the King of Stones, which traditionally, the King of Pentacles.


This king is earthy, grounded, dependable, and generous, and often an expert with money, and is very much a family man. In the Wildwood deck, he is symbolized by the Wolf. The Wolf is an embodiment of the energy of this king in that he is about stability, has a connectedness to earth and is known for famililial protection.

Beside him is the Seven of Vessels, the key word is Mourning.


What is interesting in this is that on one side of this King, we see Joy and on the other we see Mourning.  These are two very opposing cards.

When I look at this reading, I am reminded of what a difficult time of year this is for many people. While on one hand we can experience the joy and connection of friends and family, on the other we are reminded of those whom we have lost. This time of year we mourn relationships and connections we no longer have because of disputes, or divorce, or even death.  It is of the year, when naturally in the cycle of the year we take pause, snuggling up in our caves and reflecting on our lives and deciding what we want for our future. Often however, we actively avoid this with hustle and bustle, remember that there is power in balance and to do some of both.

The King of Stones is there to tell us to BE strong, BE connected, BE that center and balance.

There is power in going through our process of mourning, and we are reminded of this when I pull another card and it is the Five of Bows key word Empowerment.


Remember the past, honor that process of mourning, learn from it,  by integrating it into your being it teaches you to  take joy in what is available now. Relish in the bittersweet flavor of the season. (Wasn’t this  part of the lesson Mr. Scrooge learned?)




2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for December 11, 2013

  1. Ellen says:

    Hi Miria. I see you’re reading with the Wildwood tarot now. It is a beautiful deck. I’ve bought it recently and I am already fallen for it. As you say it is a bit different from other tarot decks but the artwork is amazing and the interpretations of these cards go so deep. What can I say more. I am looking forward to new posts about this deck

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