Daily Tarot for December 10, 2013

Good morning all!

I look forward to further exploration of the new Wildwood Tarot!

Today we start with the Mirror.

The Mirror

Traditionally, this card would be the Hanged Man which represents sacrifice for change, and releasing that which no longer serves in order to move on. With the Mirror we see some of the same symbolism. Pictured here is a woman who appears to be half sea serpent. She is holding a glowing orb, which may be the moon, in one hand and a mirror in the other.  Similar to the Hanged Man, who has the opportunity to look at life from a different point of view, the mirror offers us a chance to see things as they really are. The orb is glowing and offering the light of wisdom, if it is the moon, this is certainly symbolic of embracing the mysterious, hidden and darker aspects of one self which is of course what we see reflected back to us in the mirror. In the background there is a shrouded figure in a boat. The card reminds us of Arthur who is taken upon a boat to the isle of healing. The Heron in the forground  often represents patience, strength and the ability to delve into the subconscious. The totem bag around its neck is a symbol of power.

This is a card that is strong with the symbolism of going within, facing our shadow selves, and the empowerment and healing that doing so offers us.

The next card is the King of Arrows which is symbolized by the Kingfisher.

King of Arrows

Traditionally, this is the King of Swords who represents intellect and action that is ethical and just. The same is for the King of Arrows. The Kingfisher is a symbol of wisdom, quick action, and quick wittedness.  He is representative of wise council, and seeking the truth of things.

The next card is the Page of Arrows as represented by a wren.

Page of Arrows

A younger version of the King, he also represents intelligence and quick wit, but he is still learning. What is it we need to study, what skills are we to learn to overcome the challenges we face?

This is a very deep and meaningful grouping of cards. My interpretation of this reading is that we have been going through an important period of transition. Facing our shadow selves and examining the truth of who we are and learning from that. I pulled a fourth card for closure and that card is the Four of Arrows, Rest.


Yes, after all that hard work and inner examination it’s time to give ourselves a break. The butterfly we see hovering in the tree overheard also reminds us that it takes time now to process all that we have learned. We can take time to incubate in our cocoons and emerge transformed.

This is a reading that is very appropriate to the season of the year. Winter is our natural time to stop, reflect, incubate, and process.





4 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for December 10, 2013

  1. Having a hard time relating to these cards. Page of Arrows as a wren? Very foreign. Probably going to take a lot of time.

    The woman holding the mirror isn’t half sea serpent–she has a tail, but also legs or maybe a mermaid’s bottom half? Can’t really tell from the image. A siren, perhaps? What do you think is in the small boat in the background. A child cast adrift on the sea, now tied up safely? That is one strange card.

  2. geekyg1rl says:

    You’re right, she is “serpentine” with a tail. Maybe you can’t see in the picture, but the figure in the boat is a shrouded body.
    This deck does tap into the symbolism of animal totems, here are a couple on the wren: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/celtic-meanings-of-wren.html

    this one you will need to scroll to the bottom. Kingfisher is in there too. This one is Native American based rather than Celtic, but there are a lot of similarities

    The energies expressed in these totem animals corresponds well with the energies embodied in the cards. Working with this deck is going to be a learning experience for me as well as I’ve not done a whole lot of work with animal totems. I think this deck speaks to a very primal aspect that is “wilder” than traditional Tarot.

    • The question for me is: how far can a deck “stray” before it is something totally different and not really a Tarot deck at all? Not to say it isn’t fun or a serious deck of cards.

      • geekyg1rl says:

        That question has been debated in the tarot community as well it’s commonly thought that to be considered a tarot deck it must have the same structure, ie major and minor arcana, the four suits related to the elements, and the royal families. This deck has that structure, it takes it’s symbology from the natural rather than the ceremonial viewpoint.

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