Daily Tarot for December 5, 2013

Good Morning all,

I believe this reading is a continuation from yesterday.

First we have the King of Cups, wise, understanding, caring fellow.


In the middle we have the Three of swords which is about loneliness, disappointment and heartbreak.


Then on the other side of that we have the Emperor who is the father figure who represents structure and order.


There is a lingering feeling of sadness, loneliness and grief.  The King and the Emperor on either side of this I am thinking, actually represent the same man. This is a father figure who is there to lend support and surround you with it and that’s why he is shown on both sides. For more clarification, I threw down another card on the King of Cups and it is the Six of Pentacles, confirming that help is there.


On the other side, on the Emperor I through yet another card and it is the Page of Pentacles who is a messenger of prosperity. He represents trust.


This Father  will help, with emotional support and monetary support if that is necessary. Lean on Dad, he’ll be there for you.



2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for December 5, 2013

  1. What do all the fish surrounding the King of Cups represent? Is he named or related to a legendary person in this deck?

    • geekyg1rl says:

      All of the cups Royals in this deck are pictured in water and surrounded by fish. I think the symbology is simply that of water, no relation to the Fisher King! 🙂

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