Daily Tarot December 4, 2013

Greetings everyone!


Today our reading is about transitions, and going through changes that are inevitable in our lives.

We begin with the Knight of Pentacles. This fellow is Mr Dependable, steadfast , loyal and sometimes stubborn and unwilling to change.


The next card is the Death card. It’s important to keep in mind that all of the cards are balanced, especially with the Death card. Death is about transition and change and we need to remember that with endings there are new beginnings.  The Knight of Pentacles digs his heels in and resists this change, but Death is the great equalizer, change is inevitable and there really is no way to fight against it.

Llwellyn Tarot Death 001 (1)

The next card is the Two of Cups, this card is about relationships. Even relationships change and transform over time, some come to an end. If this is an established relationship, remember that the change is happening to both of, you can lean on each other for support. Perhaps the death of the old is making room for new relationship to come into your life.


Just for clarification I put another card over the Death card and it is the Ten of Wands. These changes are hard, and for the Knight of Pentacles who is resistant to change, it’s doubly challenging.



Because I don’t like to leave things hanging without some kind of closure, I pulled another card. This is the Sun. The Sun is the ultimate success card. Putting all of this together my advice to the Stubborn Knight digging in their heels, is this: yes, the change will bring on new responsibilities but you are not alone. Lean on your partner and they will help to relieve some of these burdens. All will be well!







2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot December 4, 2013

  1. geekyg1rl says:

    Just thinking about this more. Whoever you are that needs this reading today… please let others share the burden of the changes you are going through. It’s going to be ok.

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