Daily Tarot November 26, 2013


Greetings readers!


I can’t believe it! Our Knight of Wands is making yet another appearance!  The Knight of wands is a highly creative and energetic fellow.  Daring, self-confident and passionate, he is poised for action and is a “full speed ahead” kind of guy.


What is interesting is that he is right beside the Seven of Pentacles which is a card about taking stock of things and contemplating a change, or wondering what steps need to be taken next in order to harvest this crop you’ve been tending so lovingly.



As these two are together, I’d say this is a very good sign to just go for it. There may also be someone with experience that can help you figure out what you need to do next, so go pick his / her brain. They’ll have good advice for you, whether that be a teacher, a mentor, or maybe you need to take a class to upgrade your skills.


You’ve been successful in your creative quest,  now get out there and get the help you need to harvest the fruits of your labor!






2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot November 26, 2013

  1. I’d say this is yesterday’s reading all over again, except the Seven of Swords merged with the Eight of Pentacles to become the Seven of Pentacles. Tarot genetics (or maybe sexual acting out).

    • geekyg1rl says:

      Maybe not a retelling but a continuation. Yesterday had a feeling of helplessness or even victimization about it. Today we are taking control into our own hands. Today is about empowerment, yesterday was very passive.

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