Daily Tarot for November 25, 2013

Greetings everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. If you were the one who’s mom came to your aide, I hope it all went well.

Today we start with the Knight of Cups. He’s a sensitive fellow with a tendancy to be over emotional and introverted.


Beside him is the Seven of Swords.


This card has a few different meaning and we’ve had it before a couple of times. Seeing it beside the Knight of Cups I’m inclined to take it that during an emotional situation, this sensitive knight has a tenancy to run away, or maybe wants to but can’t because he has responsibilities to attend to. I remember a similar reading to this a week or two ago.

The Eight of Pentacles indicates that you’ve been successful in doing this,  by focusing and keeping your nose to the grindstone.


Just out of curiosity, I pulled another card to put on top of that Seven of Swords, and it is the Justice card.


This makes things very interesting.  If you ARE that Knight of Cups, my suggestion to you is to try to keep things in balance. Running away by overworking is not the answer either.

Now we do have another scenario playing out here as well.  Someone out there, may be over-romanticizing a situation, or looking at it with rose colored glasses. Be very wary of this, because the situation may not be what it seems. Listen to that little voice inside that says if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Mr Wonderful may be out to steal you blind of your hard earned money. If this has already happened to you, the Justice card is there to assure you that justice will be served, but if you can avoid the situation with some forewarning then do so. It’s better not to have gone through the experience to begin with.





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