Daily Tarot for November 19, 2013

Greetings everyone, today we have a series of cards about recovery.


We begin with the six of swords which is about movement out of a dark place into the light, moving out of a fog to clarity. This could be a physical move from one place to another, one job to another, one office to another, or it can be movement from illness back to health. Emotionally, it shows an attempt to move out of the emotional fog of sadness or depression into a better state.


The seven of cups has many levels to it. It often indicates confusion and disorder, sometimes because there are too many choices. Having choice is a wonderful thing but when being presented with so many options we often find it over whelming. It can also indicate an indulgence in too much wishful thinking having your head in the clouds. This card reinforces what is being stated in the Six of Swords, the mental, emotional fog is very thick.


Whether it’s disorder in the physical or the mental, it’s time to clean house and regain some sense of structure. The Hierophant is there again to remind us that help is there should we need it, whether it be a professional organizer (I know I good one if you need a recommendation, right Rusty?) or a counsellor who can help you move through that fog, so that you can organize your options or your thoughts and get on with what needs to be done.  (As indicated also in our reading yesterday with the Knight of Wands.)

Remember our reading yesterday was about confusion, and working at cross purposes. We had the Ace of Cups in the center and the Knight of Rods beside it.  If we are working with a highly emotional situation such as something that is indicated in the ace of cups, working with the Hierophant in our corner is a good idea. He has come up several times in the last couple of weeks.  It’s time to take those steps, and get the help you need to sort things out.







2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for November 19, 2013

  1. Wow. Six of swords again. Our most popular card. We need to get out of this fog so he can take a break.

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