Daily Tarot for November 18, 2013

Good morning all! I hope you all had a good weekend! Today it looks like we’re having trouble getting back into the week routine.  I’m looking at the Five of Wands and chuckling a little bit because it has a typical Monday Morning feeling about it. Everyone is getting up and trying to get ready and bumping into each other, getting in each other’s way, kind of like the three stooges. You’ve got too many things to do and don’t know where to start so you’re trying to do it all at once. Things are confused, chaotic, just not working right, maybe one little mishap after another…. Just one of those days you think you just want to go back to bed.


Ace of Cups indicates you might feel a little overwhelmed by it, maybe even over reacting (ace of cups emotion is just spilling over the sides…) also with the Ace of Cups it’s a reminder to look at the whole situation with love. Slow down, use your intuition, and just breathe. It’ll all work itself out. If you can do this! If it’s people you are struggling with, approach them from a place of understanding, instead of trying to fight against them.


When you tap into this loving space, you’ll find the obstacles will clear away and then you’ll be able to move forward, as you see in the Knight of Wands who is about fast action and moving quickly.






2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for November 18, 2013

  1. The Knight of Wands (who in the gilded tarot wields a pen instead of a lance), probably the card we’ve had most often, is of in search of his version of The Grail, which is the Ace of Cups. Along the way he encounters a quintet of Monday morning stooges flailing about with their own wands (which look nothing like pens). The Knight of Wands scatters them with ease, sending them on their way (or back to bed) and continues his quest.

    OK, I can live with that for today.

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