Daily Tarot for November 14, 2013

Greetings all !

It appears this week we are dealing with loss, regret and perseverance through some hard times.  On Nov 12, we see the loss and grief around it with a reminder to tap into personal power to help overcome it, and a possible recommendation for professional help if necessary. Yesterday was about persevering through this difficult time even though what we really want to do is just run away.  Whatever has happened, there are still responsibilities that need to be tended to, mouths need to be fed (see the child in yesterday’s seven of swords), and work still needs to be done even though you are the proverbial walking wounded (see the man in the nine of wands). The Ace of Pentacles yesterday was a sign of hope, stability offered in the form of support systems such as friends and family, you can lean on them, (again, see the man in the nine of wands using a wand as a crutch… sometimes we need crutches to get through when we are feeling broken.)

Today in the nine of swords, I can see that we haven’t gotten any sleep.  The issue has caused so much worry and grief.


The Seven of Pentacles is the next card and pictured here is a man who is stepping back and taking stock of his situation.


This is what needs to be done now. Give yourself a break, stand back from it all, again, take possession of your personal power and control over your own life and destiny.


See? We have the Two of Wands again; she is holding her power in her hands and looking out to the horizon. Endings (as represented by the number nine in the Nine of Swords) also mean new beginnings (represented by the Two of Wands.)  Step back and look for it, like the man in the Seven of Pentacles.

Throwing another card for confirmation and clarification, I drew the Moon.


The moon is a card about the mystery of life, its phases and its cycles. Cycles of life move at their own pace you need to allow yourself to move through those phases in their own time. You cannot rush the moon. Grief will pass in its own time.

Today I leave for a much anticipated women’s retreat, I leave for Avalon on the barge named “Explorer”, blessings all, see you next Monday!



6 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for November 14, 2013

  1. victoria303 says:

    I just purchased this Llewellyn deck 🙂 I love the deck!

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