Weekend Spread for November 8, 2013


Greetings all,

Looks like we have a fairly calm weekend ahead, one we will spend reconnecting with the family.

The first card pulled is the Ten of cups which portrays a happy couple in their lovely little cottage home with their children playing in the yard. This is definitely a card about contentment and family ties.



The second card is the King of Cups, when kings appear they tell you to take the kinds of actions they would take. This King is calm and wise, showing affection and tolerance. He is calm in a crisis, and diplomatic in that he can balance the needs of others.


On the right of him is the Emperor. He is almost an opposite of the King of Cups, he is also a strong ruler, but is more about structure and control.


Out of curiosity I pulled a fourth card to put between the two seeming opposite masculine cards and the card that came up was strength. It takes strength to balance the two forces, but when working together, they can combine to create the harmony we see in the first card.


Have a harmonious weekend!





2 thoughts on “Weekend Spread for November 8, 2013

  1. Ellen says:

    Hi Miria I love this reading and I sure can use some of those masculine qualities to keep some structure and make kind an wise decisions this weekend

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