Daily Tarot for November 6, 2013

Today I’ve brought out my Llewellyn deck as per request, no Major Arcana, but we do again have a very interesting grouping of cards.


The first is the six of cups which is a card about innocence, with a sense of freedom and playfulness as symbolized in children at play in the garden.  There are multiple meanings for the word innocence however; it can also be innocence in the sense of lack of guilt as in the legal sense. Being this card is right beside the Ace of Swords, which often stands as a symbol for truth and justice I’m inclined to take this meaning.


The Two of Wands is a card about personal power and courage.


Out of interest, in order to clarify I threw another card on top of the six of cups and the Ace of wands, this is the Three of Swords.


This cards is about loneliness, heartbreak and betrayal, in this case it certainly looks like betrayal or a setup, look how that sword is stabbing you  in the back!

This is starting to read like this week’s episode of “Castle”!

Well, whoever you are, the two of wands tells you to tap into your own personal power. The two of wands is related to the Magician, you have the power and the will to make a difference. Like the woman in the picture, take it into your own hands and rule your own world!




One thought on “Daily Tarot for November 6, 2013

  1. The Ace of Swords will forever be about Arthur/Excalibur for me after Return from Avalon (and Points West). So grasp Excalibur with all of your courage and personal power and in the freshness of innocence and hack and slash the crap out of whoever is betraying you or causing you heartbreak. Yeah. I like that.

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