Daily Tarot for November 5, 2013

Greetings all!

I was going to go back to using the Llewllyn deck today, as upon request, however I’m in a bit of a rush this morning so grabbed the first deck I could find which of course is the one that I’ve been using, the Gilded.  Tomorrow will be a calmer day and I’ll search for that Llewellyn deck.

This is a complicated spread with opposing meaning, and a feeling of being pulled in two very opposite directions, or being caught in the middle between equally strong but opposite forces.

The Magician often indicates the coming to a crossroads and the need to decide which path you will take. He is a force of will power to achieve goals.



The High Priestess is an opposing card. She is about watching, waiting patiently, and letting events unfold naturally without intervention. She is about using intuition where the Magician is about knowing your goal and consciously acting and taking steps to achieve them. These are two very opposing cards.

High Priestess gilded


Then on the other side of the High Priestess we have the Chariot. The Chariot is much like the Magician, in regard to being cards that speak about using will power and control. It’s a card about using will to be victorious, assuming the reins of power, or having mastery and control and self confidence.


Because the High Priestess between these two strong forces of will, it feels like someone who is normally the kind of person who is “go with the flow”, or some who normally looks for answers by going quietly within is being pulled in two opposite directions.  Out of interest sake, I pulled another card and came up with the Eight of Cups,


which says if you are caught in a situation like this, don’t be bullied. Just walk away.



3 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for November 5, 2013

  1. A lot of major arcana lately. Statistically, twice what you’d expect. This Queen of Swords year is promising to be a doozy.

    At writers’ group last night, I read about Morgan and Merlin. The magician and the high priestess, maybe?

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