Daily Tarot for November 27, 2013

Greetings all!

Today we need to strike when the iron is hot!

The Eight of Wands is a card with lots of energy; it’s about taking ideas and bringing them into physical being and being quick about it. This card also indicates communication and travel! These are loads of people flying or driving home for Thanksgiving!

(For NANOWRIMO writers, just look at those ideas flying out of the sky! Get them down fast!)


If we do this now, we will accomplish our goal and have reason to celebrate. This is seen in the Four of Wands. This card is about celebrations, often of the family kind, weddings, birthdays… Thanksgiving…

(For NANOWRIMO writers… your goal is about to be acheived, CELEBRATE!)


In order to do this we need to work diligently and competently, as seen in the Three of Pentacles. This deck shows one woman diligently and competently completing a task. Other decks often show three which indicates teamwork to get things done. (Mom would love some help in the kitchen!)



Just out of curiosity, I pulled a fourth card, and that turns out to be the Ten of Cups, which is a card about completion and success. This card is about happiness and fulfillment and families being together.

(For NANOWRIMO writers,  YOU WIN!)


Well, I think it’s pretty obvious what this reading is about!

Have a great Thanksgiving all!


Daily Tarot November 26, 2013


Greetings readers!


I can’t believe it! Our Knight of Wands is making yet another appearance!  The Knight of wands is a highly creative and energetic fellow.  Daring, self-confident and passionate, he is poised for action and is a “full speed ahead” kind of guy.


What is interesting is that he is right beside the Seven of Pentacles which is a card about taking stock of things and contemplating a change, or wondering what steps need to be taken next in order to harvest this crop you’ve been tending so lovingly.



As these two are together, I’d say this is a very good sign to just go for it. There may also be someone with experience that can help you figure out what you need to do next, so go pick his / her brain. They’ll have good advice for you, whether that be a teacher, a mentor, or maybe you need to take a class to upgrade your skills.


You’ve been successful in your creative quest,  now get out there and get the help you need to harvest the fruits of your labor!





Daily Tarot for November 25, 2013

Greetings everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. If you were the one who’s mom came to your aide, I hope it all went well.

Today we start with the Knight of Cups. He’s a sensitive fellow with a tendancy to be over emotional and introverted.


Beside him is the Seven of Swords.


This card has a few different meaning and we’ve had it before a couple of times. Seeing it beside the Knight of Cups I’m inclined to take it that during an emotional situation, this sensitive knight has a tenancy to run away, or maybe wants to but can’t because he has responsibilities to attend to. I remember a similar reading to this a week or two ago.

The Eight of Pentacles indicates that you’ve been successful in doing this,  by focusing and keeping your nose to the grindstone.


Just out of curiosity, I pulled another card to put on top of that Seven of Swords, and it is the Justice card.


This makes things very interesting.  If you ARE that Knight of Cups, my suggestion to you is to try to keep things in balance. Running away by overworking is not the answer either.

Now we do have another scenario playing out here as well.  Someone out there, may be over-romanticizing a situation, or looking at it with rose colored glasses. Be very wary of this, because the situation may not be what it seems. Listen to that little voice inside that says if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Mr Wonderful may be out to steal you blind of your hard earned money. If this has already happened to you, the Justice card is there to assure you that justice will be served, but if you can avoid the situation with some forewarning then do so. It’s better not to have gone through the experience to begin with.




Weekend Spread for November 22, 2013

Looks like the power of the Five of Wands has finally broken!

Today we start with the Star which is a card about hope. The star in this deck is represented by Branwen. Long story very short, Branwen is in an abusive marriage with the King of Ireland, she sends a bird with a message to her brother Bran to come and rescue her. This is about hope during the darkest of hours.


The next card is the Six of Pentacles. The six of pentacles is a very ambivalent card about power, and who has it really? It’s about either being in a position to be generous, or being on the receiving end of charity. With this card there is a warning that once a gift has been given, one becomes beholden to the other.  See the man holding the scales, they are not balanced.


In the last card we again see the Empress, our mother figure who showed up to help us with our problem yesterday.


The appearance of the Empress and the generous gifts she brings has renewed hope, just remember that there may be a price to pay for those gifts!  However, for now she has restored stability to the situation and this is something to celebrate, as shown in the Four of Wands. If your mom in law is coming for Thanksgiving and bringing with her exactly what you needed to help you out of your situation, better be prepared to put up with her nagging or whatever issues she usually brings with her because she’s just done you a big favor!


Have a great weekend!



Daily Tarot for November 21, 2013

Greetings Readers!


Apparently Rusty got his wish! (see comments from yesterday) .

The kids are fighting again, so enter MOM to come and clean up the mess! SERIOUSLY!



I shuffled the cards MANY times and had even used them in between our discussion yesterday morning and today!

AGAIN we have the Five of Wands! Confusion, cross purposes, right hand not knowing what the left is doing, arguing. These guys are trying to pitch a tent and they have never been to boy scouts, let alone camping before. Just look at all these fools! (Conflict, either on the outer or the inner, that’s what it is!)



Enter the Empress! Mom is going to wave her magick wand and make it all better!




This is the second time we’ve had an ace as well, and the second time in the last few days that it has been the Ace of Pentacles !

Whatever this conflict / confusion is, a motherly type will enter the scene and help establish control over the situation with her support in the form of a gift, whether that be words of advice, a loan, more funding, an office away from the other fighting brats, it may even be medication, if that is what is needed.  Rest assured, “Mom” is here to help!




Daily Tarot for November 20, 2013

Greetings all!

It seems our confused and muddled friends in the Five of Wands are still at it.  The hassles, disagreements, setbacks, quarreling and general confusion about who is doing what when and how abound.  (Clowns to the left of me, Joker’s to the right!)


The Emperor, which is actually the first card I drew, appears to be trying to apply some structure to the situation.


The Knight of Pentacles says you will simply need to dig your heels in and stand your ground about this, and it’s hard to be patient, I know,  because…



it will certainly take a strong will and lots of perseverance to rein it all in! (As we see in the chariot.)


Don’t you just hate incompetence? Don’t you just hate to always have to be the dependable one that makes the world turn while waiting for every other bozo to just get his part done right? So frustrating.





Daily Tarot for November 19, 2013

Greetings everyone, today we have a series of cards about recovery.


We begin with the six of swords which is about movement out of a dark place into the light, moving out of a fog to clarity. This could be a physical move from one place to another, one job to another, one office to another, or it can be movement from illness back to health. Emotionally, it shows an attempt to move out of the emotional fog of sadness or depression into a better state.


The seven of cups has many levels to it. It often indicates confusion and disorder, sometimes because there are too many choices. Having choice is a wonderful thing but when being presented with so many options we often find it over whelming. It can also indicate an indulgence in too much wishful thinking having your head in the clouds. This card reinforces what is being stated in the Six of Swords, the mental, emotional fog is very thick.


Whether it’s disorder in the physical or the mental, it’s time to clean house and regain some sense of structure. The Hierophant is there again to remind us that help is there should we need it, whether it be a professional organizer (I know I good one if you need a recommendation, right Rusty?) or a counsellor who can help you move through that fog, so that you can organize your options or your thoughts and get on with what needs to be done.  (As indicated also in our reading yesterday with the Knight of Wands.)

Remember our reading yesterday was about confusion, and working at cross purposes. We had the Ace of Cups in the center and the Knight of Rods beside it.  If we are working with a highly emotional situation such as something that is indicated in the ace of cups, working with the Hierophant in our corner is a good idea. He has come up several times in the last couple of weeks.  It’s time to take those steps, and get the help you need to sort things out.