Daily Reading October 31, 2013

Happy Samhain everyone! I have drawn some very appropriate cards for the day!

The Hanged Man




Queen of Rods


The Hanged Man is the Fool of the mid cycle. At this point in his journey, the Fool feels like he needs to start again with something new… The Fool has reached a Mid Life Crisis. In order to begin something new and move on to a new cycle of life learning it often means having to give something up. The Hanged Man asks you to examine your life, what needs to be sacrificed to move forward?

It’s intriguing that the Death Card would show up on Samhain! Spend some time today thinking about your loved ones who have gone on before you. Put out some nice photos and some flowers, sift through some memories, maybe play their favorite music.

The Death Card is about transition, so right beside this Hanged Man, we can recognize that we need to move on, and leave something behind to become something new and better.  What sacrifices do we need to make to move through this transition?

The Queen of Wands is a symbol of self sovereignty. This is always a wonderful goal, to be the ruler of your own life, and your own destiny. To be the most authentic self you can be.

Samhain is considered to be the New Year‘s Eve for many of the Pagan traditions.  Today is the Death of the old year, who do we want to become in the new cycle? Ask yourself today what sacrifices you need to make to make this transition. Some of these sacrifices may be small such as giving up fatty foods, or sugar so that we become masters of our own health. For some of us the sacrifices may be much more. Are there relationships that are holding you back? Are you stuck in a job that is just not fulfilling your creative needs? With these cards on THIS day, it’s a sign we need to consider these issues very seriously.

(On a personal note, again, I can see exactly what this reading means for me. Tomorrow is the first day of Nanowrimo… national novel writing month.  My daughter is participating on the student level. In order to support her while at the same time achieving one of my own personal dreams, I will take the journey with her. What sacrifices will I be making over the month to make the transition to becoming a novelist who bangs out a 50,000 word novel in a month? (See Rusty? She’s holding a Pen! LOL!) Let’s see, time, sleep, favorite television programs in the evening, clean laundry… the list goes on I’m sure! Just as an interesting note, the Hanged Man is thought to have originated from the Norse God Odin who’s greatest gift to mankind is writing.  He did this by the self sacrifice of hanging himself from a tree for nine days at the end of which he had a revelation in which he discovered the secret of the runes.)

Blessings all.



6 thoughts on “Daily Reading October 31, 2013

  1. Isn’t it curious that in this deck he is called “The Hanging Man?” Takes some of the connotation out of it, don’t you think?

    Good look on Nanowrimo. If you write 6 days a week and give yourself 1 day off, that’s 25 days, or 2,000 words a day. I can write 400-500 an hour, but that’s more crisply edited material than you want here. Maybe shoot for 700 words an hour, 3 hours a day.

  2. geekyg1rl says:

    Is he hanged, hanging or hung? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink! Say NO more!)

    Yes, it’s going to be an interesting experience to turn off that inner editor so that the goal can be accomplished. Those numbers are pretty close to what I had in mind actually. I’m hoping to really go full steam in the beginning to get as much written as I can while I am fresh. I understand the middle two weeks can be very difficult.

  3. Ellen says:

    Is this challenge just to write so many words a day or is it to write a real novel?
    In any way good luck to you and your daughter 🙂

    • geekyg1rl says:

      The whole idea is that you will be so busy trying to get words onto the paper that you will shut off that inner critic that can often get in the way when trying to complete a first draft. Sometimes that critic can paralyze us so to the point that you never actually complete your dream. It helps you to overcome that fear of being “good enough” if you just focus on getting it out there. Once the month is over and the novel is complete you can rejoice in actually having completed a first draft novel. Then you go back and polish it up. The focus is on the accomplishment.

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