Daily Tarot for October 30, 2013

Good morning all!

Today I am going to move onto something a bit different. Mainly this is because I once again drew the Knight of Wands. We have had the Knight of Wands often. It is not uncommon to draw the same cards over and over when dealing with certain issues. I have even found that the same cards will come up for the same people for years until they actually make the transition they need to make! Also, I have to confess something. Yesterday I drew the Knight of Wands too. Honestly, I was so tired of seeing him, and writing about him, that I put him aside and drew the Sun instead!  I thought I’d better take a closer look at why he was riding his horse up to the door again today. So in order to do this, I drew two more cards, the Six of Swords and the Queen of Pentacles.


Knight of Wands as we know is a bold fellow who likes to take risks. He is courageous and passionate not to mention somewhat cocky. He encourages you to move one way or the other and to stop messing around. There is a warning with this Knight, that any risk you take should be well calculated before taking it.  He can also come up to signify a physical move in residence.


The Six of Swords is another card we have seen often. Emotionally it can mean low lying depression, or “feeling the blues”, or just beginning to move out of that place of sadness but not quite willing yet to emerge all the way. This is another card of movement. The card can signify Movement from one state of being to another, to hopefully a better set of circumstances either metaphorically, changing a state of mind or physically in taking an actual journey and changing location.

Having these two cards together (the Knight of Wands and the Six of Swords) indicates to me that we may actually be talking about a physical journey.


The Queen of Pentacles is a big hearted, nurturing person. Queens ask you to think and feel as they think and feel and this Queen is feels generous, supportive and nurturing. She is also very practical and trustworthy, and of course good with money.

It’s time to go and visit your mother. If you have a long distance relationship, it’s time to go and visit your girlfriend!

Maybe you are deciding to move to a new location where you feel you can be more secure?  This is metaphorical as well, moving from a state of emotional unrest to a more calm and grounded stated of mind.

For me, the meaning is quite obvious. I will have to brave the elements, and drive through the flooding rain water we are getting today to visit my friendly female escrow processor at the title company (and you know what’s even funnier? The name of the street the title company is on is… get this…. WATERWAY AVE!) … sigh. I was so hoping I’d get to stay home!


7 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for October 30, 2013

  1. aqgreenfairy says:

    Nicely done! Good luck with your watery journey.

  2. In the book I’m writing now (which takes place in the early 6th century, so knights can’t “joust” yet because armor is not sophisticated enough to protect them), the Knights of the Round Table have tournaments using a padded stick just about that long called a “Baton de faux guerre.” Pure fabrication, but just when you think you’ve seen it all, he shows up on the Tarot Card of the day. So the message for me is clear: “Sit your butt back down and write more.”

    • geekyg1rl says:

      Ha! Maybe that’s why he keeps coming back, Rusty. It’s because of you!

      • You’re drawing for all of us, right? So maybe the message isn’t for you, maybe it’s for me this time. Same thing happened not too long ago where it was clearly for you and had nothing to do with me. Just sayin’.

      • geekyg1rl says:

        Yes, drawing for all. The same cards though can have different meanings for different people. For you the journey the woman is taking is metaphorical, the journey of writing your novel particularly about the Knight. Is there a Queen of Pentacles in your story? For me it was quite literal. Maybe for someone else reading it meant it was time to just suck it up, and go and visit their strong willed mother.

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