Weekend Spread for October 25, 2013

Happy Friday everyone!

What a funny looking reading we have this weekend! HA! Looks like we ask Dad for money, blow it all drinking with friends then get kicked out of the house!  I certainly hope this isn’t the case for any of you!




Seriously though, the Six of Pentacles is about being in a position to give to charity, or perhaps receiving charity.  If you are the “giver”, you need to remember that a true gift is one that is given without strings attached.  Giving or lending money often creates an imbalance of power in a relationship. This is why it’s not a good idea to loan money to friends.  If it’s a relative that creates a whole different set of circumstances doesn’t it? You need to be careful of lending money; you may never get it back. Are you willing to forgive that transgression? If you are the receiver, you must also keep that power gap in mind. Not paying debts back will cause friction in friendships and when it’s family the bad vibrations can cause rifts in extended family relationships as they ripple outward and family members begin to take sides.




Now comes the question of what you plan to do with this money. The three of cups is a card about getting together to celebrate with friends and family. Perhaps this money will allow you to achieve a long sought after goal that is worth celebrating, then again, maybe you just want to party and drink it away! Make sure to make responsible decisions with the funds you have available to you.



Next we have the six of swords; this card is generally about movement from one place to another either physically or metaphorically. Perhaps this money is going to allow you to move into better a circumstance that really is something to celebrate!

Is anyone attending charity parties this weekend? Looks like the money raised will help others move into better circumstances.

Do any of you have relatives that have been living with you that need to move into their own space? Looks like they are finally moving on! Yea!

Is anyone waiting for a loan to come through so you can move into a new house? Looks like it’s all coming together! Yea!

Anyone mooching from their parents, partying it away and getting kicked out of the house? Well, you might not be celebrating, but your parents certainly are!

Whatever it may be, have a great weekend!




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