Daily Tarot for October 24, 2013



Hello all! So I am wondering how many of you had some special surprise or celebration that brought a little leap of joy to your life yesterday with that Four of Wands?  I know I did!

Using my Guilded Tarot deck today, I’ve chosen one of the”biggies”, Justice. I have to say I’m happy to have chosen this card today. This is a really beautiful card. The Goddess of Justice stands blindfolded holding two globes of brilliant golden light that shoot streams bright rays into a sun-shaped disc, symbolizing illumination and truth.  Justice is blind, and the scales must be kept in balance. This is what the Ancient Egyptians called Maat, equilibrium in the universe.

If things have seemed out of balance for you lately (I know they have for me!) today they will start evening out. If you feel you have been wronged in some way, rest assured, reparations will be made! (This is what I tell myself every time some jerk cuts me off in traffic, or would rather run me off the road than let me merge… your day is coming buddy! So you better make things right with Maat!) If you are being put into the position of judge today, be insistent on fairness. Weigh all decisions carefully. If you have been less than honest, today is the day to come clean. Recognize your own part in events and take responsibility for your actions. Truth will eventually prevail, and today is that day!



3 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for October 24, 2013

  1. Yesterday was definitely a Four of Wands kind of day, particularly the wands that look like pens. I sent Avalon, S.C. off to the publisher for consideration.

    Confess that I’m not a believer in justice in the sense of cosmic reparations. We as humans love to believe that evildoers get theirs. But in fact, I believe that is just a myth that we use to comfort ourselves without any evidence that it’s true. But that is only in individual cases. From a broader perspective, the moral arc of the universe definitely bends toward justice. I guess now that I’ve had time to fully incorporate those ideals, I prefer the latter anyway.

    • geekyg1rl says:

      Keeping my fingers crossed for Avalon SC!

      So, for you, the arc bends towards justice, but sometimes doesn’t quite make it huh?Like half a rainbow.

      I am a firm believer in balance in all things therefore, somewhere along the way it evens out. That jerk’s going to be picked up for bad driving at some point or another, I just wish I could see it happen! So for me, the other half of the rainbow is there, it’s just not visible.

  2. geekyg1rl says:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow … (By the way… all rainbows ARE full cirlces! Maybe the moral arch is like that.)

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