Daily Tarot for October 17,2013


So finally after the sneakiness and stalling tactics we finally have some movement! The Six of Swords is the card today. (Sorry it’s not a good image this time…)


The Six of Swords portrays a man in a boat paddling across water. He’s got six swords with him and in this deck there is another person huddled in the bottom of the boat. It’s very misty all around with a bit of land in the distance. Believe it or not, this card is about recovering hope. It’s about moving from one place to another with the hope of something better. That might be an actual physical move, or represent a state of mind. At this point the fog is just about to lift and we are very cautiously making our way through it until it actually does so that we can see our destination on the other side once again. During this stage of recovery we don’t want to rock the boat. We move carefully, not willing to feel excited yet, but also not feeling despair either. We are on the threshold of change with that very small spark of hope that it will be for the better but not committing to “get our hopes up yet”. Let’s wait and see what we see once the fog burns away…



4 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for October 17,2013

  1. Too bad the image is so fuzzy. Traditionally the figure huddling in the bottom is sitting on a seat wrapped in a cloak; here he could actually have one of the swords stuck in him.

    Here is a card with much more visual clarity–and the journey looks a lot more interesting as well.

  2. nectar1269 says:

    Funnily enough I drew this card for myself today!

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