Daily Tarot for October 7, 2013



So, what was the big deal last weekend? Anyone else find they were asked to overcome their fear and take a leap of faith into the great unknown?

Today our card is the Empress, as expressed by the Great Goddess Rhiannon. Traditionally, the Empress is the symbol of fertility, whether giving birth to a new project, literally to new life. She is earthy, sensual, and in touch with all things growing and fertile. She is the mother principle of the deck and from her the Fool learns the strength determination and dignity. As represented by Rhiannon, we also see that side of mother who is willing to make sacrifices for her children. Making a long story short, Rhiannon is accused of the horrible crime of infanticide by her maids who are actually responsible for the disappearance of the child when they fall asleep and the baby disappears mysteriously. Being an otherworldly being living amongst humans with her human husband, Rhiannon often finds herself feared and therefore reviled by those around her for her differences. As punishment for killing her baby, Rhiannon is forced to stand at the gate of the city, tell the horrible story of which she is accused to each visitor, then carry them to their destination like a beast of burden. Rhiannon does this for years and still manages to maintain her dignity impressing all with her grace at carrying such a burden. Eventually, it was discovered that the child had been found and raised by a farmer and his wife some miles away (not getting into the details) and returned to her. Rhiannon was reinstated to her status as queen and never held a grudge.

When the Empress appears in reading it can signify the birth of something new, or bringing that energy of the mother into your life in order to embody that feminine side of creativity. Combining this with the story of Rhiannon, it begs the question of what sacrifices you may be willing to make, or what burdens are you willing to bear to make it all possible?



3 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for October 7, 2013

  1. Amused by the concept of “the humans” forcing a goddess to do something like this. Picture the same episode with Hera. Or better yet, Kali.

    • geekyg1rl says:

      I know. Once again, however, it is felt that Rhiannon was THE Goddess and she lost her status during patriarchal take over, instead being relegated to “royal wife” and humanized. She is depicted more as an other worldly “fairy” type than true Goddess.

  2. victoria303 says:

    Such a beautiful card!

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