Daily Tarot for September 26, 2013

Llwellyn Tarot Death 001 (1)

Wow, lots of “big” cards this week! Today our card is Death. Death is so often misunderstood in popular culture! This card is often used in movies and television as a threat of some kind or a prediction of physical death. When this card comes up in a reading there is always a strong reaction.

Death is the card of transition. It means we are coming to the end of something so that we can begin again anew. This is a major life change such as the moving from one stage of life to another, like the transition from childhood to adolescence, or a decision to leave a job for another or perhaps move into retirement.  Perhaps it signals a change in a relationship, the end of single status to being married or the ending of a relationship. Whatever it is, there are endings but with endings we must always remember that there are beginnings.

What we need to remember also is that in the Fool’s journey, he meets the hanged man before he meets Death.  There are many lessons learned from the The Hanged Man. He represents a surrendering to the circumstances and the fact that sometimes for growth and change to occur, there are sacrifices that must be made. Hanged Man asks us the question “what do we need to give up in order to move forward?”  It is the paradox of empowerment and liberation in the act of surrender and trusting the universe. When the Death card appears it is time to put the lessons of the Hanged Man to good use.

Death in the LLewlyn Tarot is symbolized by Arawn who is the Welsh god of the underworld. He is riding a white horse which symbolizes purity and strength in Truth. In facing Death we must face Truth. Arawn is pictured here with a halo of light around his head, although Death is feared, he is NOT evil and when facing change sometimes it is hard for us to remember that change is ultimately for our benefit as it helps us to grow. He is surrounded by white hounds that remind us of the white dog which accompanies the Fool at the beginning of his journey, the one who in this particular deck is leaping across the abyss alongside his master into the unknown. Again, with Death we are entering the unknown and although there is fear we are not unaccompanied!


2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for September 26, 2013

  1. “Change is ultimately for our benefit as it helps us to grow.” I’d have to say that’s not always true. Change is change: sometimes for the better, often not. When it is not, sometimes we grow, sometimes we merely add scar tissue.

    Fortunately, we have the moral arc of the universe on our side, moving inexorably toward justice.

  2. geekyg1rl says:

    Maybe I’m a bit of a Polyanna, but I really do feel that no matter how bad it seems at the time that somewhere down the line we can look back and say “Yes that was awful, but this is what I learned”. Often we take those experiences and become the “wounded healer” and can help others make their transitions.As for growth being ultimately beneficial, the paradox here is that it’s during those painful experiences, those ones that add to the scar tissue, that we usually experience the most growth.

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