Daily Tarot for September 25, 2013



Good Morning all! Today we are carrying a heavy load either figuratively or literally. The Ten of Wands is a card about carrying a burden. There are those times in life when our responsibilities fall heavily upon us. Sometimes the burden is thrust upon us, and sometimes we take it on because we are the most capable, whichever it is, we take the lion’s share because we can. We might feel like we are moving uphill for a while but the goal is worthwhile. In the distance, we see our safe haven just waiting for us if we could just last a little longer! Notice too that this fellow is using a rod for support. This reminds us that during this time of burden we need to utilize the support systems around us to help us get through.  Just think how light and free this fellow is going to feel when the burden is finally lifted! Just think how strong his muscles will be after all that hard work!

Just remember that when the load is heavy we need to take more breaks along the way. Treat yourself kindly, balance things out with activities you enjoy and remember that a hot bath after all that hard work at the end of the day can do more than wash away the sweat!



4 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for September 25, 2013

  1. The Ten of Wands shows up in Avalon, S.C., when Sabrina does a quick 5-card reading to return the favor of Chai doing hers. Of course, Sabrina knows nothing about the tarot and is just winging it. But she does OK, I think.

    “Look, the High Priestess is in the center. That’s pretty heavy, particularly since I only got the crappy Five of Cups. And here right beside her is the Two of Cups, which shows two people in love, or in heat, or something. I’m not too sure, being the ignorant and unattuned sort. But then there’s all these sticks. The Eight of Wands and the Ten of Wands both. That’s eighteen sticks, even if I didn’t do so good in math. That can’t be good, them piling up like a funeral pyre or something. And the Seven of Cups, and seven is for sure a lucky number and all, and cups are like your cup is full of blessings. Except look, these are all upside down. So maybe, not so full after all.”

  2. Adana Wtn. says:

    You know, last year my heart led me to the Garden of the Dragonfly. I think I was supposed to meet you. Love your interpretation of the Ten of Wands (definitely feeling those vibes today). I especially love the mention of a hot bath. My favorite way to relax!

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