Weekend Tarot Spread September 20, 2013

Yea! Friday!


Yes it looks like we are happy it’s Friday! The first card I have pulled is the Four of Wands.

The Four of Wands is a card of celebration! A good card for the Fall Equinox celebrations going on this weekend! Friday night gatherings of friends whether planned or spontaneous will certainly bring us joy and happiness.  That’s a good thing too, because the rest of the weekend doesn’t look too restful. It’s back to work with the Eight of Pentacles. There is a task that needs to be finished up.  If you are a student it definitely means there is studying to get done and assignments to finish off. In the work place you will probably have some project that needs finishing up before Monday. The two of Pentacles shows us that it will be a balancing act juggling both work and home life this weekend. There is lots to be done and it’ll feel chaotic but if we are focused we’ll be able to pull it all off with style!

Have a great weekend!




6 thoughts on “Weekend Tarot Spread September 20, 2013

  1. nectar1269 says:

    This is so true for me this weekend!

  2. I’m already having and eight of pentacles kind of day. Maybe my calendar jumped ahead by accident.

    What does the signature “Maria” mean?

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