Weekend Tarot Spread


Greetings all! As I often am not able to post daily readings over the weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to do three card readings for the weekend!

Our first Weekend Spread I have chosen Judgement, the Emperor, and the Wheel of Fortune.



emperor (1)



First of all I want to point out that all three cards are Major Arcana cards. This probably means that we won’t get too much rest this weekend! Big stuff is going on when so many Major Arcana shows up!

Judgement sees that at the beginning of the weekend we will be bringing certain situations to a close so that we can start something new and fresh. In the middle of the weekend we have the Emperor. The Emperor often stands for institutions, governments and things of nature. It’s a card about structure and authority. Being right between the Judgement card and the Wheel of fortune definitely makes me think that some person of authority will be making decisions that will change the whole course of events. I can’t help but wonder what President Obama’s plans are this weekend….

On a personal level, perhaps we will see decisions being made in regard to legal matters, banking matters, real estate matters being settled and that will get the wheels of change turning!

Have a great weekend! (And let me know if you notice any of these forces taking action in your life this weekend!)



3 thoughts on “Weekend Tarot Spread

  1. The Wheel is probably my favorite card. Residual from my love of Carmina Burana: O Fortuna

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