Daily Tarot for September 10, 2013


Today we have the lovely card of the Ten of Pentacles. Traditionally this card is about prosperity, and wealth and having someone to share that with. This is a card about building a legacy and enjoying financial and familial stability. If you have been living in a state of instability, this card is telling you that perhaps it’s time to put down some roots. We know that change is inevitable, but in order to build something long lasting we also need a foundation to build upon.

If you’ve been wondering about whether a business deal is going to come through or not, today, you will actually see it stabilize and take root.  Today might also be a good day to get your financial house in order. Organize your paper work, if you don’t have a will, it’s time to get one done.

In the Mythic Tarot the ten of pentacles is symbolized by Daedelus surrounded by his family, his daughter and grandchildren who are playing with toys that he made. Remember Daedelus is the artisan who helped to build the labyrinth that contained the Minotaur. He’s been through some pretty rough times and made some unwise choices in his past (he was the one who invented the wings that killed his Icarus when he flew to close to the sun, he was jealous of his nephew and murdered him, and remember he had to choose between King Midas and the Queen Pasiphae in that matter about the bull, that we won’t get into here…) but now  in the ten of pentacles he is the older and wiser Daedelus who has gained wisdom from his life’s journey. Now is the time to put the past to rest and enjoy what you have worked so hard to build.



2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for September 10, 2013

  1. How do you choose a card for the day? Is it a random draw? If so, you have reoccurring prosperity signals. Congratulations.

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