Daily Tarot for September 9, 2013


11-page-of-wands-mythic (1)

Greetings all! Today our card is the Page of Wands. When a page shows up, it’s usually about communication and getting messages. The page of wands brings us good news usually about career or about projects we’ve been working on, perhaps someone will come and offer you get a new opportunity to put your creative talents to work. Sometimes the page brings important or exciting news with him so you might be receiving important documents in the mail.

The Page of Wands in the Mythic Tarot is portrayed by Phrixis riding the golden-fleeced ram. He is really the precursor to the Jason and the Argonauts story. Phrixis is in a dangerous family situation. It is one of those evil stepmother stories. Zeus sends the Golden fleeced ram to rescue him.

You may find today that you feel restless, maybe have a creative new idea or project you want to work on, put into place and have not yet been able to do so because the responsibilities of the mundane world are getting in your way. This restlessness might be making you cranky and irritable. Just keep in mind that being cranky and irritable only causes friction in work and home relationships.

Because this page is Phrixis, this adds a whole new dimension to the meaning of the card as well. If you’ve been feeling not to secure about a situation or your intuition is telling you something is not quite right you are probably correct. This is the “get out of Dodge fast” card. If you see an opportunity to leave the situation behind then it’s a good idea to take it!

Have a great day all!


6 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for September 9, 2013

  1. Do you find it a little strange that the wands are all burning? Gives a totally different visual to the cards. Haven’t come to grips with it yet.

  2. victoria303 says:

    That is a beautiful card 🙂

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