Daily Tarot for September 3, 2013


Our card to day is the Page of cups. Depicted in the Mythic Tarot, is young Narcissus sitting beside a lake in a meadow of (presumably) Narcissus flowers gazing intently at his own reflection in his cup.

Pages tell us it is time to bring something into our lives, with the energy of cups it’s time to examine our emotional lives and perhaps become more in touch with our feelings.  Also when pages show up they often bring news of some kind, perhaps today you will hear news about a new engagement or the birth of a new baby.

With the Mythic Tarot, you see the youth Narcissus. Narcissus is the son of a river god and a nymph. He is beautiful and attracts a great deal of attention but he is also cursed. His mother is told that Narcissus will live a long life as long as he doesn’t get to know himself so she refuses to let Narcissus look at his own reflection. In the meantime, a young girl named Echo falls in love with him but when he breaks her heart with his cold indifference she fades away until nothing is left of her but her voice. Aphrodite is upset with his behavior and so she causes him to fall in love with his own reflection. He is so enamored with himself that he pines for himself until he too wastes away and turns into a flower.

As with all of the cards in the Tarot, there is always balance. If you have been down on yourself lately, or not taking proper care of yourself, it is time for some self-love. You cannot love others unless you have a true sense of self-worth.  Narcissism however is not the same as self-love. Self-love is being able to appreciate our positive side as well as recognize our shortcomings. Self-love is about balance while Narcissism is about imbalance. (See how even the trees bend towards him?)

Taking time for self-reflection is healthy, but self-absorption is another matter. If you’ve been doing too much navel gazing lately, it’s time to get out of your own head. Charity work is a great way to foster both self-love, and love for others.


3 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for September 3, 2013

  1. Self love is being able to love ourselves despite our shortcomings. Only when we love ourselves can we love others. Narcissism is being so obsessed with oneself that there is no room left to care for others. Self-love is not selfish; narcissism is totally selfish.

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