Daily Tarot for September 30,2013


It looks like it’s going to be one of those “blahhh” days.  Today we have the Four of Cups. Sometimes when things get  overwhelming we want to withdraw into ourselves and hide away from the world until  we can get re-centered again. We can’t be much use to others if we don’t take care of ourselves first, so taking time from the business of life to just reflect and process is good therapy, but we don’t want to spend too much time in that space because if we withdraw too far there is a danger that we become a self-absorbed shut in and we will miss out on the blessings that life presents all around us.

So take your break, maybe even feel a little sorry for yourself for a few minutes but remember, the saying goes: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”… not “When the going gets tough, the tough go have a little cry in the corner”!

If you feel yourself sliding down into that “mode” again, remember Bob Newhart’s advice from September 17’ths reading… just “STOP IT!” 


Weekend Spread for September 27, 2013

Yup, we sure do like Fridays!

This Friday finds us being a little self-indulgent with the Nine of Cups, and that’s ok, because looking back this week, we’ve had some pretty intense stuff going on.


In the Llewllyn Tarot we see a beautiful woman relaxing under a tree and sipping what I am imagining to be either wine or maybe a Lemon Drop Martini from a golden chalice. She looks at peace and is surrounded by many more chalices of magickal elixir!


Now is the time to set down the Burden of the Ten of Wands for a time and just enjoy the nectar of life. We can return to those burdens a bit later. Rest assured they are not going anywhere. The bee in the front of the card is a reminder to us that although we lead busy lives, that we must take time to occasionally extract the honey of our lives and just enjoy the flavor!

“If a Bee has shown up in your life, examine your own productivity.
Are you doing all you can to make your life more fertile?
Are you busy enough?
Are you making time to savor the honey of life and not becoming a workaholic?”  (see the rest of Bee totem here: http://www.linsdomain.com/totems/pages/bee.htm

After we have taken our rest under the tree we can pick up that bundle of wands and resume our journey up the hill. Our goal is still there in the distance waiting for us, that safe little house at the end of the stairway.


In the three of Wands we see we have done everything we can possibly do to make it work, and now it’s time to just release it all and wait and see.

Daily Tarot for September 26, 2013

Llwellyn Tarot Death 001 (1)

Wow, lots of “big” cards this week! Today our card is Death. Death is so often misunderstood in popular culture! This card is often used in movies and television as a threat of some kind or a prediction of physical death. When this card comes up in a reading there is always a strong reaction.

Death is the card of transition. It means we are coming to the end of something so that we can begin again anew. This is a major life change such as the moving from one stage of life to another, like the transition from childhood to adolescence, or a decision to leave a job for another or perhaps move into retirement.  Perhaps it signals a change in a relationship, the end of single status to being married or the ending of a relationship. Whatever it is, there are endings but with endings we must always remember that there are beginnings.

What we need to remember also is that in the Fool’s journey, he meets the hanged man before he meets Death.  There are many lessons learned from the The Hanged Man. He represents a surrendering to the circumstances and the fact that sometimes for growth and change to occur, there are sacrifices that must be made. Hanged Man asks us the question “what do we need to give up in order to move forward?”  It is the paradox of empowerment and liberation in the act of surrender and trusting the universe. When the Death card appears it is time to put the lessons of the Hanged Man to good use.

Death in the LLewlyn Tarot is symbolized by Arawn who is the Welsh god of the underworld. He is riding a white horse which symbolizes purity and strength in Truth. In facing Death we must face Truth. Arawn is pictured here with a halo of light around his head, although Death is feared, he is NOT evil and when facing change sometimes it is hard for us to remember that change is ultimately for our benefit as it helps us to grow. He is surrounded by white hounds that remind us of the white dog which accompanies the Fool at the beginning of his journey, the one who in this particular deck is leaping across the abyss alongside his master into the unknown. Again, with Death we are entering the unknown and although there is fear we are not unaccompanied!

Daily Tarot for September 25, 2013



Good Morning all! Today we are carrying a heavy load either figuratively or literally. The Ten of Wands is a card about carrying a burden. There are those times in life when our responsibilities fall heavily upon us. Sometimes the burden is thrust upon us, and sometimes we take it on because we are the most capable, whichever it is, we take the lion’s share because we can. We might feel like we are moving uphill for a while but the goal is worthwhile. In the distance, we see our safe haven just waiting for us if we could just last a little longer! Notice too that this fellow is using a rod for support. This reminds us that during this time of burden we need to utilize the support systems around us to help us get through.  Just think how light and free this fellow is going to feel when the burden is finally lifted! Just think how strong his muscles will be after all that hard work!

Just remember that when the load is heavy we need to take more breaks along the way. Treat yourself kindly, balance things out with activities you enjoy and remember that a hot bath after all that hard work at the end of the day can do more than wash away the sweat!


Daily Tarot for September 24, 2013

Greetings all! Today we have another powerfully masculine card, the Emperor.


The Emperor is the father figure of the deck. He represents all that is establishment, order structure and authority.  As the positive side of the Father Figure, he represents the archetypal father as protector, guide and provider.  In situations that are already over controlled however, he can represent stifling rigidity.

When the Emperor shows up in a reading he may indicate a run in with authority. The story of Bran, who represents the Emperor in the Llewellyn Tarot may indicate this as well. The story goes, that Bran the Blessed, king of Britain, wanted to make an alliance with the Irish so he married his sister Branwen to the Irish King Mathylwych. Things were going well at the wedding celebration until Bran’s brother Efnysien, who is against peace with the Irish, rebels by killing the Irish guests horses. To make up for the extreme dishonor, Bran gives Mathylwych his most prize possession, his Cauldron of rebirth. After getting back to Ireland, Mathylwych and his people treat Branwen very badly. Heartbroken, Branwen sends a message to her big brother through sending a starling with a message. Bran receives her message and in a rage, Bran gathers his army and makes for Ireland.

The Irish,  being terrified of Bran because he is a giant, do their best to patch things up and build Bran a great hall that he can actually fit into. Long story short Bran is double crossed, his cauldron is used against him when the Irish use it to bring back their dead soldiers and nearly everyone dies in battle, including Bran, who loses his head. Branwen’s son is tossed into the fire, and being one of the few survivors of the terrible war, she later dies of a broken heart.

Being magical, Bran’s head talks to his soldiers and tells them to bury his head at the White Hill and face it towards France in order to ward off invasion. The White Hill is thought to have been where the Tower of London stands now. Bran whose name means raven, told his people as long as his head remained there, Britain would be safe from invasion. This is why there are Ravens at the Tower of London to this day. It is said that if the Ravens leave the Tower of London that Britain will fall.

Combining this myth with the traditional meaning of the Emperor we have a ruler who on one hand is the Father Protector of the land (represented also by his sister Branwen… the Goddess IS the land…) but he fails in his overconfidence.

The Emperor symbolizes the establishment, whether that take the form of parents, teachers, police officers, churches , or  governments.  These are the institutions / people in which we place our trust but sometimes they fail us. When that happens, we need to choose empowerment over victim-hood. We do this  by asking “What do I do next? “ then taking action.

Daily Tarot for September 23,2013

Llewellyn Tarot, the Magician

Good morning all! We have an interesting start to the week in the card of The Magician! The Magician is the first person the Fool meets along his road of self discovery. With The Magician, the Fool first realizes his own power. He is aware now that he has a destiny and that the tools of creation (sword, cup, wand, pentacle) are available him to manifest his goal. That which is thought can become physical,  as above so below.

With the magician we know that there is a realization of “Hey, I can do this”! Once we realize we have the power to make things happen, there are choices as to HOW to make it happen. Which road will you choose, which tool will you use first?

In the Llewllyn Deck, the Magician is symbolized by Gwydion. When you first look at Gwydion, he’s rather dubious in character. He is a powerful magician, but he often uses his power for ill.  This gets him in trouble with the “Powers that be”.  (I will post more about Gwydion some other time.) The warning in this card is “with great power comes great responsibility”. (Love that Spidey quote!) If we put negative out there, it will come back. Again, it comes down to a question of which road do we take? Make your choices wisely!

Weekend Tarot Spread September 20, 2013

Yea! Friday!


Yes it looks like we are happy it’s Friday! The first card I have pulled is the Four of Wands.

The Four of Wands is a card of celebration! A good card for the Fall Equinox celebrations going on this weekend! Friday night gatherings of friends whether planned or spontaneous will certainly bring us joy and happiness.  That’s a good thing too, because the rest of the weekend doesn’t look too restful. It’s back to work with the Eight of Pentacles. There is a task that needs to be finished up.  If you are a student it definitely means there is studying to get done and assignments to finish off. In the work place you will probably have some project that needs finishing up before Monday. The two of Pentacles shows us that it will be a balancing act juggling both work and home life this weekend. There is lots to be done and it’ll feel chaotic but if we are focused we’ll be able to pull it all off with style!

Have a great weekend!