Daily Tarot for August 30, 2013



Greetings all! I hope the first week of school was successful for all!

Today our card is the King of Wands. When the court cards show up in a reading they can represent actual people or they can represent concepts, such as in this case, the masculine side of the suit. When Kings show up they are telling you to ACT as they ACT.

When the King of Rods shows up, it’s time to be bold! In love relationships, NOW is the time to make that phone call because today you will be Mr. Charisma! For entrepreneurs, NOW is a great time to make that calculated move you’ve been considering. (Notice I said “calculated”, not rash, but a clearly thought out and planned risk.)

In the Mythic Tarot, our King of Rods is represented by Greek hero and King, Theseus. Theseus was young, brave, and ambitious but he was also impulsive. He had many adventures including fighting bandits and slaying the Minotaur. He did however, come to tragic end being either thrown off a cliff or jumping off a cliff, so there is a warning here too.  If you’ve been contemplating some action for some time and thought it all out, it’s time to stop sitting on the fence. If it looks good, go for it!

Good luck and have a great weekend!



4 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for August 30, 2013

  1. So, in essence: be bold but don’t jump off any cliffs? Maybe we should have T shirts made with that on them. And a burning wand (otherwise known as a torch?) on the back.

  2. victoria303 says:

    Reblogged this on Tarot with Victoria and commented:
    Love this interpretation 🙂

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