Daily Tarot for August 23, 2013


Today’s card is one of my favorites, it’s the Hierophant. In a more traditional deck, the Hierophant may also be known as the Pope and he is pictured as a Catholic pope or some other authority in church garb. He usually represents higher learning, traditional hierarchical values, and institutional dogma of some kind. He may also represent a connection to higher power, and a spiritual teacher.  Sounds stuffy right? Why should this card be one of my favorites? It’s because in the Mythic Tarot the Hierophant is represented by Chiron the Centaur who is the trainer of heroes, agent of the Gods. This adds a whole new dimension to the card.

Firstly, Chiron himself is a mentor. Gods have delegated him to train young candidates to be heroes.  Being a centaur, his spirituality is very earthy, centaurs usually are connected to the very basic and primal instincts of animal nature. The sign he is making is the sign of the horned God who is the God of nature. Chiron isn’t just any centaur though, he is uplifted by the higher powers and has obtained knowledge and learning  represented by the scroll in his hand. His very being is a connection between the spirituality of the heavens and the spirituality of the earth seen here symbolically as standing in the cave with the light shining through. There is sacredness in the balance between heaven and earth, light and dark, male and female.

Chiron is also known as the wounded healer. He was mortally wounded at one point and given immortality of the Gods. His wisdom (represented by the crown), is gained not only through the usual educational institutional learning but through actual experience… wisdom gained through pain.  It’s the old adage, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Today if you are acting in the role of mentor, teacher, or advisor don’t be afraid to share that wisdom born of experience.  If you’re in need of some advice, listen to your advisors (or in some cases your elders) they might actually know something.


6 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for August 23, 2013

  1. Don’t you find it curious that Chiron is making the sign of the horned god when that deity is not a member of the Greek pantheon of which Chiron is a part? I’m sure there’s a message for acceptance and the universality of god in there somewhere. Or maybe Chiron is a closet Texas Longhorn fan (wait–are they part of the Greek pantheon?).

    Another thing of interest to me is that Chiron is half-horse because he was sired by Cronus, who mounted the nymph Philyra in the guise of a horse. By that logic Castor and Pollux should have been half bird, since they are the product of Zeus impregnating their mother Leda in the guise of a swan.

    • geekyg1rl says:

      Hi Rusty, don’t forget that Pan is also a representation of the horned god! It’s thought that there are connections between Greek / Roman deities and mythologies and Celtic deities / mythologies. People got around a lot more in the ancient world that we suppose.

      Castor and Pollox are not identical twins. Only Pollux was fathered by Zeus. If you want to get down to the nitty gritty of it though, genetics are an odd thing…. you can have mixed race parents but not look mixed race… I’ve heard also that for example two white skinned parents can have a dark skinned child if one of them has a black skinned ancestor somewhere down the line. Anyway, according to “Ancient Aliens” on the History 2 channel these mixed beings were genetic experiments done by aliens so maybe there is no actual genetic relationship at all! 🙂

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