Daily Tarot for August 22, 2013


My Cup Runneth Over

We have a great card today! Today we have the  Holy Grail of all cards… the Ace of Cups.  This card is the one we all like to see show up in readings about love and romance. If often signifies either the start of a new romance, or the rekindling of an established relationship. It is the card of joy and happiness, fulfillment, enlightenment and gratitude.

Pictured here we have Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, standing in the waves. Her right hand is placed gently over her heart and the cup is held aloft in her left hand. The water is churning around her feet signifying great emotion and you can see that emotion in her face and her gestures. The cup she holds aloft is HUGE but it is not heavy!

As with any card, there are negative aspects as well. With this card we need to remember that Aphrodite was born out of rather violent circumstances. (Cronos had his testicles cut off and thrown into the sea and Aphrodite was born of the Sea Foam… perhaps this is a metaphor to man’s viewpoint on what happens when they fall in love?) Aphrodite has a dark side as well. We can’t let emotions take total control; the churning water may overwhelm and drown us. In either case, this card is about primal feelings whether they be the frenzy of passion or the lightness of joy. Whatever your situation is today, trust your gut feelings about it, listen to what your intuition is telling you because deep inside you really do know the answer.


(Found this at the Friends of the Library shop today. Just love synchronicity. The painting is a version of the Goddess looking older. She has crows feet and laugh lines. The article is about the debate over plastic surgery.)


5 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for August 22, 2013

  1. Contrast the image on the Ace of Cups card with Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, to which it is obviously related. The shell from the earlier work has evolved into the cup, giving weight to the Celtic myth that “The Grail” was not a cup at all, but a bowl or dish of plenty. I also love it that, while Venus is observed and attended, Aphrodite stands alone.

    Another interpretation of the image might be that “The Grail” is floating, as it is often depicted in Arthurian images, and that Aphrodite is holding on to keep from sinking beneath the waves.

    Last observation: the association of the Ace of Cups with The Grail stretches the mythos of that mystical object back before Jesus. Deliciously powerful.

    • geekyg1rl says:

      Yup. I think of that painting every time I see this card. Quest for the Grail = quest for the lost divine feminine = quest for love.

      • geekyg1rl says:

        Also: just so happens that while I was at the library today what should jump out at me but a magazine called “Spirituality and Health”. On the front cover is a picture of Botticelli’s Venus! don’t you love synchronicity? I bought it and brought it home. I took a photo but I can upload photos on the comments section. I’ll put it on the main post.

  2. victoria303 says:

    The Spirituality and Health magazine looks interesting, I have never seen it before!

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