Daily Tarot for August 16, 2013

Greetings all!


Today we have a big one, the Death card. People usually get really nervous when this card shows up in reading, and a good deal of that reaction is due to the bad rap it gets in the media. I always cringe when the death card is so terribly misused in television and movies. A good reader never interprets this card as an actual physical death. Like the Wheel of Fortune yesterday, the Death card is about those inevitable natural forces of change that we are all subject too.

This card depicts Hades, god of the underworld with three nude humans offering gifts in supplication. The flower being offered by the child represents new growth, and notice in her innocence she presents her gift with no fear. This is a card of transition, moving from one state of being to another and there is nothing to fear in this.

The coin offered by the male symbolizes material things in life and is reminiscent of that old proverb “you can’t take it with you”. No matter how much wealth you have, you are subject to the laws of nature. Perhaps life is not about material gain but about the experiences you have, the wisdom you gain and the people you love. Death reminds us of what is important in life. The crown offered by the woman represents the ego. The ego is that part of us which we most often present to the world, but is that who we really are? To live life to the fullest we need to set the ego aside and be our most authentic selves. In facing death, our masks are stripped away.

The river Hades is painted in the background with the ground in the fore side of the river being barren and the green hills with the sunrise across.  This card is telling us that we are leaving one cycle to begin another. Perhaps leaving a job with the promise of greener pastures elsewhere, or entering a new phase of life by graduating from high school and beginning a new life as an adult. Living in the past is like living on fallow ground, you must cross the river of initiation into your new way of being to be truly alive.


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