Daily Tarot for August 14 2013

Welcome to my new Tarot blog! I’m so excited to have created this space to explore the fascinating world of Tarot! Some of you may know me from my other two blogs geeky-girl.me and adventuresinarbitrage.com . If I had an arts and crafts blog then I think I’d have a blog for just about everything! Anyway, I’ve been a student of Tarot since somewhere around 1983. For more information about my background in this area please feel free to visit my “About Me” page. This blog is still a work in progress and I am hoping that sometime soon I will have the capability to offer Tarot Consultations through email or skype with a payment through paypal option. Until that time, I hope you all enjoy the Daily Card Readings!

Our card of the day is the Lovers


This card depicts the judgement of Paris. The story goes that being miffed at not being invited to a wedding party, the Goddess of Discord, Eris, throws a golden apple into the crowd of guests with the inscription “For the Fairest” written upon it. Three Goddesses, Hera, Athena and Venus lay claim to the prize. Zeus, deciding he doesn’t want to get into the middle of this (he may have been a lech but nobody said he was stupid) delegates the job to the young and naive Paris.

Each of the Goddesses promise rewards to Paris for choosing them over their rivals. Hera offers him a kingship, Athena offers wisdom and success in battle, and Venus offers to reward him with the most beautiful of all mortal women. Well, being a young and rash of course Paris chooses Venus and brings upon himself the wrath of the other two Goddesses. The prize for Paris’s choice is Helen of Sparta wife of Greek King Menelaus, thus we have the beginning of the Trojan War.

Traditionally, the Lovers card has always  been about choices. This particular card in the Mythic tarot indicates that  you may find  no matter what choice you make you’re going to piss someone off. You can’t please everybody all the time. Whatever you do, however, you better think  long and hard about the consequences of that choice before you make it. If the situation is one in which you are not particularly qualified to make that choice, or you feel that you are a bit out of your depth, you might want to consider consulting with an expert so that you are at least making an informed decision. (Somehow I can’t help but think this card is a warning for me as I await for news from my car mechanic….)


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