Daily Tarot for August 30, 2013



Greetings all! I hope the first week of school was successful for all!

Today our card is the King of Wands. When the court cards show up in a reading they can represent actual people or they can represent concepts, such as in this case, the masculine side of the suit. When Kings show up they are telling you to ACT as they ACT.

When the King of Rods shows up, it’s time to be bold! In love relationships, NOW is the time to make that phone call because today you will be Mr. Charisma! For entrepreneurs, NOW is a great time to make that calculated move you’ve been considering. (Notice I said “calculated”, not rash, but a clearly thought out and planned risk.)

In the Mythic Tarot, our King of Rods is represented by Greek hero and King, Theseus. Theseus was young, brave, and ambitious but he was also impulsive. He had many adventures including fighting bandits and slaying the Minotaur. He did however, come to tragic end being either thrown off a cliff or jumping off a cliff, so there is a warning here too.  If you’ve been contemplating some action for some time and thought it all out, it’s time to stop sitting on the fence. If it looks good, go for it!

Good luck and have a great weekend!



Daily Tarot for August 29, 2013


Today our card is the Four of Wands. In the four of wands we see the completion of the first part of a new project. It’s the first step achieved towards heading towards our goal.

In the mythic Tarot we see Jason surrounded by his Argonauts. The newly completed Argo awaits in calm seas behind. It’s a time to celebrate the achievement of the first fruits of your labor. Know, however that this is only the first step towards a much higher goal.

It’s time to take satisfaction in a job well done. If you have been working doggedly at some project it’s now time to take a well-deserved break before moving on to the next steps. Enjoy the calm waters while you can, because there is much work to be done ahead!

This is a great card to pull right before the Labor Day weekend!  The kids may be back at school now but school year doesn’t really begin in earnest until after Labor Day! For many of us, this weekend is truly the last few days of summer holiday so let’s enjoy them while we can!

Daily Tarot for August 28, 2013



Well, as there is balance in all things, so there is also in Tarot. Today is just going to be “one of those days”. Our card for today is the three of swords. This is definitely not one of your “feel good” cards.

The three of swords is one of those cards that you really need to examine what is going on in the rest of the cards surround it. It can mean anything from a simple separation from a loved one while they are on vacation, to telling the story of sadness and heartbreak, let downs or betrayals.  In any case, something in life is amiss and the three of swords is a head up that even though try as you might the situation can’t be ignored. Letting hurtful situations go on and just hoping they will go away doesn’t work and often it just leads to more pain in the long run.

In the Mythic Tarot, the three of swords pictures Clytemnestra, and her lover, and they are finally taking revenge on Agamemnon for his sacrificing his daughter to the gods to ensure safe and swift passage to Troy.  So when I use this deck, I take it as a sign that we are talking some serious situation. Not just “my husband on a business trip and I miss him”.

In a relationship reading this card often signifies betrayal and heartbreak. In a career reading I’d be advising you to “watch your back”. If you tend to sympathize more with Clytemnestra’s point of view, we need to keep in mind that even though we get angry and upset that there are more constructive ways to handle a situation than with revenge. We are only human however, and if our emotions have clouded our judgment to this extent and acted in a way we are not proud of we need to ask for forgiveness, forgive ourselves, forgive others and move on. In the matter of forgiving others, just keep in mind who that forgiveness is really for. It’s not actually for the other person… sometimes the one who has done the hurting really couldn’t give a damn. The forgiveness is for the one doing the forgiving. Forgiveness releases you from the toxicity of anger, resentment. Holding a grudge is as they say “like taking poison and waiting for your enemy to die”. Whatever the situation is, you must deal with it openly, get it all out then trust in the goodness of life to let it heal.


Daily Tarot for August 27, 2013


Page of Swords

The winds of change are blowing! If you’ve been waiting for news, today is the day it will arrive. The page of swords is the “late messenger” who will bring a piece of information that will bring clarity to the situation. It might not be exactly happy news but it will be truthful.

In the Mythic Tarot, the Page of Swords is Zephyrus, ruler of the west winds.  Zephyrus was considered mean spirited until he married Iris who is depicted on the Mythic Tarot Temperance card.  Zephyrus as the Page of Swords is sometimes associated with gossip. This card brings me in mind of the number one of Miguel  Ruiz’s “Four Agreements”, that is, “Be Impeccable with Your Word”.  Use Temperance when speaking, thoughtless words can pierce both hearts and relationships. Once said they can’t be unsaid.= so  remember what your mother used to tell you, “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all!”

If you find yourself in the role of messenger, make sure that the information you have is correct before you pass it on, because let’s not forget that other useful saying “Loose lips sink ships!” Whatever you put out there, always comes back and if it’s something that really does need saying, keeping Temperance in mind might help you to be truthful without being cutting.

When a Page shows up, you want to bring the best of that suit’s energy into your life.  Page of Swords tells us to BE truthful, BE just, BE forthright…. BE impeccable with your word, both in clarity of thought and in clear communication with others.

Daily Tarot for August 26, 2013



What a great card! Especially for those who are returning to school today! The card today is The Star. In the Fool’s Journey, the star appears after the Tower. Anyone who has ever had the Tower in their reading knows that is definitely the card that shows up when your world is shaken to the core. The Star signifies hope.

If you’ve been going through a rough time, just try to remember the lesson of the wounded healer, The Hierophant, we had a few days ago…”what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.   There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

The Star is also a message about self-realization. If you feel like you’ve been I the dark, you will find the enlightenment you seek; you just need to look past the material world to the deeper things of life. It’s time to shed the masks of false pretense to be your most authentic self.

In this deck, the star is portrayed by Pandora, sitting nude in front of her box. The myth of Pandora has always been difficult to interpret. The commonly known version is that Pandora being the first woman was given a box by Zeus and told not to open it. He did this, knowing that Pandora being so very naturally curious would not be able to resist the temptation. Unbeknownst to Pandora, Zeus had filled the box with “evils” to plague mankind in retribution for Prometheus stealing fire and giving it to humans.  Pandora, like Eve, is saddled with the downfall of “man” kind. Pandora shut the box again as quickly as she could but the only thing left in the box was hope. (Just as an aside…  Pandora’s box was actually a jar but the word was misinterpreted.)

There are so many questions about this myth. Why was hope left in the box? Why was hope even in the box of ills to begin with? Does that mean hope is actually a bad thing? Does it mean that when bad things happen that there really is no hope?

Also, like Eve, Pandora gets a really bad rap. She is called “beautiful evil” and Hesiod describes her as having a “shameful mind and deceitful nature”. It’s said because she has the power of speech, she lies and is crafty. All of her descendents, ie women, would bring only torment to the “human” race (ie men). It is thanks to Pandora that men are now subject to the natural cycle of death and birth.

This myth appears to be another one that has been subject to change during the transition from the matriarchy to the patriarchal system. It is thought that originally, Pandora was the giver of gifts, and is linked with the Earth Mother Demeter.

This is why I love this card. If you look closely, the “evils” are beautiful dragonflies. It’s my thinking that what is released from Pandora ’s Box are “blessings in disguise”. Without hardship, there is no growth, and no wisdom gained. This is much like the “Forbidden Fruit” of the Adam and Eve myth. Pandora challenges the human race so that we do not stagnate in ignorance. The dragonfly represents this wisdom symbolically through the natural life cycle changes.

This card also challenges the bad reputation that Pandora has of being manipulative, cunning and evil. She is pictured nude, representing her youthful innocence, and her authenticity. She is seated on the ground in a fertile field with budding seeds ripe with potential.  The water in the foreground demonstrates the emotional power of the card, but the reflection of the star doesn’t show the angel / or fairy in the reflection. I believe this means that sometimes even though hope is there, it’s hard to see.

The angel / fairy of the star is surrounded by a rainbow, again a  symbol of hope. There is always the potential for good, no matter how bad the situation gets. The dragonflies remind us that change is natural and that situations that start out looking pretty bad are often exactly what we need to grow in the long run. Often when we look behind us we realize that those really bad times were turning points in our lives for something better.


Daily Tarot for August 25, 2013


Greetings all!

We have another of my favorite cards, it’s not a fancy major arcana it’s just a simple four, and believe it or not, it’s part of the scary suit… swords. This card traditionally means to take a well-deserved break.  Swords are always about facing challenges so for those of us who love to be active and busy the challenge for you is to slow down and rest!

In the Mythic Tarot, the card depicts Orestes seated in a cross legged position meditatively contemplating four swords that are all pointed away from him. Sometimes in order to gain perspective on a problem we must step back and give it some thought. As a reminder, his story is the one in which he must seek revenge for his father’s murder at the hands of his mother. This indicates the need to rest and prepare before a big task. It is also at the point in the story when Orestes is unaware of the family difficulties. In this way, this card may also indicate “ignorance is bliss”.

This is a great card to pull on a Sunday! Particularly if it’s the Sunday before school starts again! In our modern world we often don’t even take breaks on Sundays. Business is habit forming and it can be really hard to break that habit. Take time out today for R&R. It’s good for the mind, body and spirit. You will be glad you did before hitting the road for the week ahead!


Daily Tarot for August 24, 2013




Today our Tarot card for the day is the three of pentacles. The Three of pentacles is a card that signifies the first completed stages of a project. It can signify a crack team of professionals working together to get a job done. In the Mythic Tarot, this is Daedelus, the expert being paid by patrons to finish a task. Whether working as a team, or selecting a skilled master to do the work you know it’s not a time to fool around, it’s time to buckle down and do the task at hand. This is a card about competence. If someone expects you to do the job you need to do it well because your reputation is at stake, and there is some pressure here. 1. If you are going to take the job, you better make sure you can actually handle it, make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. 2. If you do a good job word gets around. Prospective future success is dependent upon your success. The lushness of the grapevines is indicative of the career potential signified in this card…. I wonder if this has anything to do with having the crews come in to replace our carpets today….

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